Spring knitting

Some of you may know that I have started a hand knits business. If you didn't know it, you do now. I have been knitting wool soakers (covers for cloth diapers, for those of you who are wondering) for over a year now. I love 'em! Then I fell in love with knitting baby hats. Then I decided that I just love knitting. (This was a big step for me! I've been a crocheter for 30 years!) Then came making needles and stitch markers… So I decided to start knitting for others as well. DaisyHeadCreations was born.

This is some of my Spring knitting.

I made these two soakers for a friend's baby girl. They were the first ones that I made newborn size. They were so tiny! The red and purple one is a DaisyHeadCreations soaker. (In other words, I wrote the pattern.) The pink one is an adaptation of the Ottobre soaker. Her baby is so cute though that I think she "out cutes" the woolies!

This one is a DaisyHead Bloomers. I'm working on writing this pattern up to sell. These aren't the greatest pics, but the legs have little ruffles on them. They look so cute under a dress!

This wasn't all of my spring knitting, but I will spare you all for now. Maybe I'll post some of my other projects another day. I really need to finish crocheting T's baby blanket~ before she's not a baby anymore!

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