My babies

This is my DaisyHead Bloomers. I wanted a sweet little pair of bloomers with poofy, lacey ruffles that were also a wool diaper cover. I could not find a pattern for anything similar anywhere, and so I set out to create one.

T needs frillies under her little dresses, right?

I loved the little ruffles so much that I decided to share them.

Still in the sharing spirit, I thought I'd share my pattern for longies and shorties as well. I played with the short rows and the gusset so often that I began to dream about them. I finally got the fit I wanted!

But what shall I call them? I decided to name them after my girlie that I made them for~ Miss T. Her name means "delight." DaisyHead Delight it is!

Now to go finish that new pair of Bloomers…

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