Robin Hood Hat for my Boy

I recently knitted cabled hats for my husband and my older son. This prompted my eleven year old son to beg for a cabled hat of his own. I convinced him that he did not want one just like theirs, but one that was totally different.

He settled on Nottingham. (or here on Ravelry)

He often loses his beloved knits. He also gets them very dirty (and muddy!), and so for ease of laundering every few days we chose a soft acrylic yarn. Caron Simply Soft. Of course, he wanted black.

This pattern was fun to knit, but it got tedious after a while~ simply due to the fact that my circular needle was too short to work my cables without a cable needle. Oy. All those one stitch cables are lovely, but I was sick of that cable needle fairly promptly. However, it was worth all the effort. It is a lovely hat, and the happiness on his face when it was finished was priceless.

He's being cool for the camera. His smile was taking over his whole face when I told him it was done. He even slept in his Robin Hood hat that night! Of course, this was in November. Now his precious hat has already gone missing…


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