Christmas Knitting

There was a flurry of Christmas knitting at my house this year. So much, in fact, that I have not had any time to blog about it until now. If we want to be extremely honest, I am not done with my Christmas knitting yet! I think I bit off more than I could chew.

I made this little camo set for my brand new nephew. The pants are my own DaisyHead Delights, but they are not woolies. I just used a soft acrylic yarn so that my sister-in-law can machine wash them. Let's face it, not everyone wants to handwash their baby's pants. :o) I only worked two of the short rows so that they would fit well over a disposable diaper (rather than cloth). Ravelry project page for more details.

The hat is the Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat. (on Ravelry) This was the first time I had worked this pattern. It turned out so cute and tiny. The next time I may work the crown a little differently. The pattern was fine. I just may want to continue the rib up a little higher. We'll see. Ravelry project page.

The mitts are Stay-Put Baby Mitts. (on Ravelry) These turned out so tiny and cute! They look they they will last through his whole first winter. That's a nice bonus! My Ravelry project page

I think I made 7 sets of these Snowflake Ornaments (Ravelry) for different family members.

It seems that every crocheter I know crochets snowflake ornaments. Maybe when you crochet you're "supposed" to make snowflakes for the tree? I have crocheted for more of my life than I have not crocheted, yet I have never crocheted snowflakes before. I wonder if that's a mortal sin?

For some reason, the inspiration struck me this year. I needed to crochet snowflakes.

I think this round one is my favorite. So cute.

When they were all finished, I blocked them all out on my living room carpet with pins. My hubby helped, and it still took forever! Then I sprayed them all liberally with spray starch. The next morning they were all ready for a ribbon and the Christmas tree.

Here's my Ravelry project page.

My children thought that I did not know that they all wanted a ski mask to keep their faces warm during snowball fights. They were quite surprised to find that I did know and was in the process of knitting one for each of them. I used this Helmet Liner pattern (on Ravelry), but modified the hat portion just a bit. I simply continued the 2×2 rib through the top of the hat. Maybe then the same size will fit all of my children despite their large age differences. Of course that remains to be seen since I'm still working on my knitting, and these are sadly at the bottom of the list.

The big one loves his hat. Does he look so cool? Kinda Spider Man-y, huh? My project page

This fall my brother-in-law shaved his head. It suits him very well. The problem was that now the poor guy's head was cold! Winter gets nice and cold here. So I thought he needed a nice warm beanie.

I worked up this pattern this past November for my hubby. It was part of his Birthday gift. I used Wool-Ease Chunky on big needles. The wool blend keeps ears nice and toasty, but it can still get thrown in the machine with the rest of the laundry. It knits up very quickly. One evening is all it takes. This cabled beanie now graces the heads of my hubby, my son, and my bro-in-law.

I'm sorry, but it will have to say incognito for a while longer (hence the dark picture). It's waiting for magazine submissions next fall/winter. Hopefully, you'll see it next winter knitting season. As they say, patience is a virtue.

Back to the needles and more of that past due Christmas knitting…


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