Ribbed Scarf with a Crocheted Edging

A friend of mine was selling some homeschooling books. She had one big, wonderful book that had been on my list to acquire for some time. We arranged a trade. Her book for my knitting. After a little emailing and pondering, she decided on the RibbedScarf with a Crocheted Edging. (on Ravelry)

This pattern was featured in a Knitting Daily e-newsletter. I thought it was very lovely. I had been wanting to make one for myself, but making one for my friend was going to be the next best thing.

She wanted something soft, yet machine washable, and so I chose Caron Simply Soft. She decided that black would be the most versatile. She wanted to be able to wear it with any of her coats. I made a trip to buy yarn, and the knitting began.

When I first saw the pattern pic on the Knitting Daily site, it looked to me like this scarf was worked in a standard ribbing. I was quite surprised when I began knitting. It's not regular ribbing at all!

The scarf's ribbing is actually made by working a k1 p3 pattern that staggers on the next row, yet has a k1 that always lines up to make the ribbed lines. In between these rows of knit stitches is a sort of seed stitch.

I know that sounds very weird. It is hard to explain without writing out the whole pattern. It ends up quite lovely.

When the knitting is complete, you crochet the edging through a series of yarn overs that created a bit of lace among the ribbing. That laciness kind of hides in the pictures. I only realized it was there when I began knitting.

All in all, this ended up being a very simple pattern. I think a beginner could knit this one if he or she already knew how to crochet. It also was a fairly quick, mindless knit once you got past the set-up.

I would love to knit another one for myself, but my cup already runneth over with scarves. Maybe one of my daughters needs another scarf that I could borrow from time to time.

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