Simple Skirtie

The Bloomers Skirtie was originally created as a skirt to go over my Bloomers pattern. I liked the very full skirt with the ruffled legs of the Bloomers peaking out at the bottom. So cute and girlie!


This pattern includes only the skirt. It can be knitted onto DaisyHead Bloomers or any other soaker pattern. The pattern includes only one size, but is easily adaptable~ it begins with picking up stitches around your soaker’s waistband, and then you can modify the length as you go. The fullness of the skirt is worked by changing needle size (no increasing). It’s not necessary to use all the needle sizes listed, but the needle sizes are what give the gradual increase in fullness.

This skirtie does not have to be part of a soaker. It can also be worked in another fiber as a skirt with an underskirtie or simply work a ribbed waistband for a simple skirt.

US 3 16” circular needle (waistband size)
US 5 16” circular needle
US 6 16” – 20” circular needle
US 7 16” – 20” circular needle
US 10 16” -24” circular needle
US 11 16” -24” circular needle

This skirt gets really full. You may not need a very small circular for the last 2 needles.

Important: The Bloomers are knit first, and the skirtie is added onto it. When you knit the Bloomers, Round 1 of the Body (right after the waistband ribbing), purl the entire round. This is where you will pick up stitches.

Using US 3 circular needle (or size used for waistband), pick up and knit 1 sts for every purl stitch around waist.

Rnd 1: k

Switch to US 5 circular needle
Rnd 2-3: k
Rnd 4: *k5, M1B* around (You may not end up finishing the pattern here. Just keep going. It’ll work out okay.)

Switch to US 6 circular needle
Rnd 5-8: k
Rnd 9: *k5, M1B* around

Switch to US 7 circular needle
Rnd 10-14: k

Switch to US 10 circular needle
Rnd 15-22: k

Switch to US 11 circular needle
Rnd 23-29: k
Rnd 30: p
Rnd 31: *k1, yo, k2tog* around
Rnd 32: k
Rnd 33: p
Rnd 34: k
Rnd 35: k
Rnd 36: p
Rnd 37: k
Bind off loosely.

Enjoy your skirtie!

Let your creativity run wild and deck your little girl out in style!

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You may use this pattern for personal use. Not for use for mass production or selling items without permission.

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