New Wool

So much of my knitting right now has to stay sort of hush hush until the pattern is released. That 's hard for me since I like to share my excitement. And this has really been such a fun soaker pattern!

So I thought I would share some related, but different, excitements.

New wool! Two pounds worth!

I've wanted to try Cestari wool for some time. I finally decided to order two end lots of their Traditional Wool. I love the idea that their wool is naturally resistant to felting. Their Columbia sheep wool is apparently washable in the machine in a gentle cycle. I can't wait to try it out for soakers.

I don't think that everything in the box is the Traditional Wool. I am wondering if some of it is Merino. I must call to ask soon. It is lovely.

There is one skein missing from the box above. It is a skein of Periwinkle worsted weight. I decided to use it to finish off details of a new pattern. I'm working on a soaker that is very similar to the Ottobre Wool Diaper Cover (pdf link) pattern, but written for a worsted weight yarn and in three sizes. I love this garter stitch soaker, but everyone seems to re-work it for worsted weight yarn, which is much easier to find. I also wanted to re-work some of how it's knitted up~ some of the terms they use are not so familiar to us in the US.

The pattern will be a free pattern. It is worked flat and seamed up. You will find it available here and on Ravelry very soon. I hope to have it ready to release at the same time as I release Cushy.

Oh, I'm so excited! It won't be long!


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