A flurry of little heads

Over the last two weeks, it seems I have knit so many little hats for little heads! I couldn't find a ribbed hat with quite the crown that I wanted, and so I fiddled until I found the right look. It has now taken on three different sizes. It has also been worked with worsted weight yarn as well as with 2 sport weights held together. The pattern should be coming soon.

It all started when I was invited to a diaper shower for a friend having her second baby (a second boy). Well, I simply could not take them a package of diapers with no baby knits, now could I? This little tan and baby blue hat somehow found its way into the package.

Another friend had their first baby~ also a boy~ just a week after the baby shower. He needed a little hat just like the first.

As I was knitting the second baby hat, I could not stop thinking about a friend who lives down the road from me. She was due to have her second baby any day. In fact, she has likely already delivered her babe. They were to be surprised as to whether baby is a boy or a girl. I love surprises!

She needed a little tan and green hat, I told myself. I will likely deliver her little hat tomorrow.

As I was knitting, my just-turned-2 year old girlie kept asking for the hat. And wrenching her now-too-small baby hat on her head. Out of this necessity rose a new hat for my girlie. Hers will have a daisy on top~ just like her baby hat that she does not seem to want to let go of. Her hat is lots of springtime colors. It started with pink and yellow, followed by blue and yellow, then pink and yellow again, and topped off with spring green and yellow. It's so bright and cheery!

I finished the black hat for my nephew. Here's the line-up: newborn, 2-3T, 4-7 year old. The newborn hat is long so that it can be turned up or down and will likely fit until about 18 months to 2 years old. The 2-3T and 4-7yo are beanie length.

I finally settled on ribbing that closes up as you near the top of the crown. I guess it's a hit at my house because my 7 year old informed me that she has fallen in love with the tan and green hat. "I'm just so in love with it! Will you make me one, too?"

Off to finish another tan and green hat. I wonder if hats are taking over the world?


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