More Spring Cables

My Spring Cables bag is speeding along. I love how it's coming out!

So far my adaptations are working out just as planned. My bag is looking like the pattern pic, but without the second layer. YAY! (My yarn budget thanks me.)

This will be the back of the bag and the flap. I love this cable pattern. Isn't it lovely?

Here is the ribbing for the inside top of the pouch portion of the bag.

This is the front of the bag that will be hidden by the flap. It's all worked in reverse stockinette stitch. The inside of the flap is the back of the reverse stockinette and cabled front.

I absolutely cannot wait to finish and use this bag! However, I have finished my third, and last, ball of yarn. I guess my poor baby will have to wait for another ball of yarn. The suspense may kill me!


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