Nostepinne Heaven

How have I worked with yarn for 32 years and never heard of a nostepinne?

Wow. That makes me sound old doesn't it? I'm only 40 years old. I started my yarny obsessions early.

So how have I gotten through my yarny life without learning about this fabulous little piece of folk equipment? Who needs a fancy schmancy yarn winder when you have a nostepinne nearby? You can wind your own center-pull balls of yarn using only a stick and some knowledge.

This is how it happened:
I was browsing on Ravelry, when I saw a picture of a ball of yarn wound around a piece of wood in someone's project page. I thought, "What is that?" So off I went to google "yarn winders" until I found something that looked a little like a small chair leg. That was it! It's called a nostepinne.

I found these instructions from The Woolery. It looked intriguing. I must try it.

My first thought was to make something similar. After all, I found a video on YouTube of a lady using a wooden spoon as a nostepinne. In the end, I discovered that my Hobby Lobby actually had some hanging on the wall with the knitting needles. Who knew?

So I bought it and came straight home to try it out. (Thankfully, Hubby is as fascinated with folk technologies as I.) It takes a little practice, but I think I'm gonna like winding on the nostepinne. Plus, it's fun to say "nostepinne."

This is the base I made for my new, lovely dyed ball of wool.

This is only the third time that I've wound yarn on my nostepinne. The other balls were very small. This ball was a whole different sort of challenge. It got huge!

I need more practice. The ball got a little wonky, but it still looks so lovely. My son says it looks like a big wheel. I think it looks like knitting heaven.

So there you have it: a nice, big center-pull ball of freshly dyed wool.

So if you've never heard of a nostepinne before, you have now been informed. Isn't the yarny world fun?


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