Yarny fun:: Strawberry Orange Sherbet

The warm spring air was telling me to dye some yarn. It had been a while since I had gotten out the dye pot, so it was time. I ran across a method of dying that I had not tried yet~ a hot pour method using the crock pot. I had to try it!


I followed the hot pour dye instructions from an article in Knitty. I used Kool-Aid for my dye. The orange is 1/2 a packet of Mandarin Orange. The bright pink is 4 packets of Strawberry Lemonade. The yellow is 2 packets of Lemonade. I mixed each color with 1/2 cup of hot water to dissolve the mix, and then slowly poured it in the crockpot on top of my hot yarn.


The whole house was waiting with baited breath to see how this yarn would come out. After drying all night, this is what we saw.



We were all pleasantly surprised by how the yarn came out! In fact, I think my children were just as excited as I!


It had much more yellow in it than we thought it would have. It really looked like the orange had swallowed up almost all the yellow dye.


Now I just can't wait for it to finish drying! I'm anxious to see how it looks when wound into a ball and knitted up!


This yarn is destined to become my next pair of Cushy shorties for my little girlie. The pattern is being tested right now. It won't be long until it can hit your needles, too!

Doesn't it look like Strawberry Orange Sherbet? Yum!


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