Cushy in testing

The Cushy pattern has finally gone out for testing! Yipee!

It should be ready for sale in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Cushy delayed the last pattern in the parade from appearing here. It's been on Ravelry for several days, but Little Daisyhead will join us here in the next post. Yay!

I've been so busy with getting this little parade of patterns finished and published that I have not had much time for plain ol' knitting. Now that Cushy is being knitting by many other folks, I have a bit of time to finish some more soakers for my girlie~ she managed to outgrow all but two of her soakers about two weeks ago. I need to knit!

Here's my girlie in her latest Cushy shorties. She was so excited to put them on. She sure loves her woolies!


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