Every summer my husband and I take our children to a local outdoor music festival. We love sitting in the breeze listening to music from America’s melting-pot-past. Last summer I sat listening to old sea chanteys and celtic tunes while experimenting with stitch patterns. Before I knew it, this stitch pattern looked like a vine and became a headband to keep my wind-blown hair out of my eyes. Fiana was born!

I immediately tied on the headband. I was in love. Fiana was my companion the rest of the summer. Soon I was dreaming of a version that buttoned in back and a version with two vines traveling side by side around my head.



I named the pattern Fiana because it is an Irish name that means vine. This seemed perfect for a vine-like headband inspired while listening to Irish music.



This pattern includes 3 versions of the headband, all with the same lace pattern. Version one is 1” wide and ties on. Version 2 is 1” wide and buttons on. Version 3 is 1.75 inches wide and buttons on.



This is a very simple lace pattern. Even a beginning knitter could manage it while learning a new skill or two. It’s also a very quick knit, which makes it great for gift-giving. Since it takes a very small amount of yarn, it’s also good for using up the leftover bits from other projects. It just needs something with a bit of spring~ sock yarn works well.




This six-page PDF file contains instructions for knitting your own Fiana headband.



download now

You do not have to be a Ravelry member to download.

This pattern is only for personal use. In order to sell items from this pattern, you must contact me about purchasing a Cottage License. More info can be found at my shop.


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