Crocheting Up a Spa

I had to have something to do with my hands while Cushy was out for testing, and so I decided to crochet up a spa. My very own spa.

Actually, I decided to make some soft, squishy, cotton washcloths to sell on Etsy. They are so luxurious that it feels like you have a spa in your own bathroom. They're so soft that I have decided that I need some for my very own self, as well. My very own spa.

These were crocheted with a soft, fluffy 100% cotton yarn. Some are 7 x 7 inches. Some are 8 x 8 inches.

Since the washcloths were so soft, I decided to make some little face scrubbies, too. These are 3 inches across. I can't wait to wash the make-up off of my face with one of these little beauties!

These spa-at-home items (as well as several others) should be listed on Etsy within the next couple of days. I just need to re-size some photos and take some photos of my other spa items, and they will be ready for new homes.

What fun!


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