Pink Lemonade

I was sick over the weekend. I don't like being sick. I don't like not feeling well enough to be productive. So I decided to engage in something that required very little energy, yet yielding a result that would make me feel as if I had accomplished something.

I got out the roaster and dyed some wool!

I decided that my girlie needed a new skirtie and Bloomers, and she just had to have them right away. It absolutely could not wait for yarn to arrive in the mail. (You know the feeling, right?) Seeing as how there is no Yarn Store in my town and driving an hour was not an option, Hobby Lobby became my drug of choice.

Lion Fisherman Wool was wound onto my new swift that my hubby "did not make," and then went promptly into the water. This skein was soaked in vinegar water, then taken out and put into the roaster along with 3 packets of Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid and another glug of vinegar. When all the dye was exhausted, I turned the roaster off, put the lid on, and let it sit there until it cooled.

The pics are dark, but you can see my new swift that my hubby "did not make."
Later that week, the yarn went back onto my swift. I got out my nostepinne for more practice winding yarn on a stick. My yarn ball was still a little wonky, but I love how the color came out. Lovely variations of light pink.

Sorry these pics are so dark. I promise to get a better pic of the color when the Bloomers and Bloomers Skirtie are done.

It was the perfect yarn fix while I was feeling sick. I could lay on my couch while creating some lovely yarn. The perfect yarny creation for a lousy day.


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