Moss Stitch Stripes

I thought that I would share how I worked the moss stitch stripes in this pair of Cushy longies.

This particular pair are an X-Large with an inseam of about 10 1/2 to 11 inches.

The first stripe of moss stitch is situated between two sets of short rows. This pair has 6 short row sets. They are not stacked. There is about 1 inch between each short row. I worked short row #4 and then began knitting in moss stitch (p1, k1~ next round, purl the knits & knit the purls). When it was time for short row #5, I began working in garter stitch again to work the short row. After the stripe, I still needed to work an additional inch, then the 6th short row, and then worked the gusset. This put my stripe around the middle of the body.

For the legs, I worked stripes of 10 rounds of moss stitch each. In order to insure that both legs would end up the same length, you have to be sure to work the same number of moss stitch rounds on each leg. I did not want the stripes to be symmetrical. I preferred to have the stripes a bit off-set, and so the stripes were not worked on the same round on each leg.

For the left leg, I worked in moss stitch on rounds 6 – 15 and again on rounds 47 – 56. For the right leg, I worked moss stitch on rounds 12 – 21 and again on rounds 41 – 50. The cuffs were worked in moss stitch for the last 5 rounds.

Now I just need to find a nice home for these longies!

This is a very simple way to give some variety to longies or shorties. It will work for stockinette pants as well. I hope it gives you some inspiration to create your own unique woolies.

Be brave, be creative~

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