Teeny’s New Friend

I made a trip to the library to check out Itty-Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson. I was waiting for my copy of Itty-Bitty Toys to arrive and thought that a copy of one of her other books would ease my wait for the postman. Oh. My.

There are so many cute projects in this book! I didn't even make it past the cover before I had a project to knit. "Grumpy Old Bear" is on the cover, and he is so cute! I decided that I must knit him for my 2 year old. She needed this bear.

I grabbed some worsted weight cotton and began knitting. He's constructed using all garter stitch squares and rectangles and then sewn together. Very simple. Give him a little scarf, and he's complete. Such a cute end product!

You could easily make lots of variations of this little bear. Just change his face or add a bow. The book also includes a little sweater that fits Grumpy Old Bear. You could have a slew of little bears in every color of the rainbow.

I think she loves him, don't you? She decided that he's not grumpy~ he's sweet. So he became Sweet Bear. Awww.

Be brave, be creative~

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