The Christmas Knitting

I told myself that this year I was not going to knit Christmas gifts for everyone on my list. Instead, I would try to shop and save my knitting time for my hubby and children, as well as items to list in my shop.

As Thanksgiving approached, I could feel the knitting bug coming on. Thanksgiving Day, as we were driving to family's houses for Thanksgiving celebrations, I was knitting Christmas gifts for extended family. Mostly from the stash, which was mostly gifted to me. I just can't resist, I guess.

Here's a small sampling of items I knitted and gifted for Christmas:



















It feels like I spent every waking moment knitting all throughout the holidays!

That is actually not too far from the truth. The children were crafting all day long throughout their Christmas Break. I spent my time helping anyone who needed help and knitting. After Christmas, I realized that I had not taken time to blog about any of this! Oops. Bad blogger, am I.

Now I'm finishing a few Christmas gifts, but am back to some pattern writing and revising. It feels great to be back to everyday life!


Be brave, be creative~

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