Boyish or girlie?

Late last summer, I dyed some blue and green yarn. During the dyeing process the blue broke and gave the yarn some blue and some purple.

I knitted this yarn up into a pair of Cushy longies as one last test knit of the pattern. I had intended for these longies to be worn by my (then) 2yo girlie. However, when I put them on her, I felt like they were just too boyish. I don't know if it was the green and blue or if it was the wide legs, but I decided they just felt too much like I was putting boy clothes on my girl. So I put them aside until the Cushy pics and pattern were completed. Afterward, I listed them for sale in my shop.

Today I got a question from a customer regarding these longies. She wondered if they would look too girlie for a boy. So I took some pics of my girl wearing the longies. They are obviously too short for her now, thanks to that growth spurt she had right after Christmas.

Isn't she quite the little model today?

Can you see the stray stitches that are purple?

So what do you think? Do these longies look boyish? Do they look girlie? Or do they look gender neutral?

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