For my second pair of socks, I decided to be brave. I decided that I just had to knit the new and inventive Skew. (on Ravelry)Folks on Ravelry had said it would likely be better to be an accomplished sock knitter before attempting Skew, but I'm rather a rebel. Knitting does not scare me. It's just needles and string, after all.

So onward I plunged. Being the impatient knitter that I am, I needed to start right away. Since there is no yarn shop in my city, this means that I have to visit a box store. So I picked up two balls of Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn in obsidian. It's 50% superwash merino, 25% bamboo, 25% nylon. The bamboo gives it just the right amount of soft.

I grabbed my Harmony needles and starting knitting. This pattern was so fun to knit! It was not difficult at all! I had never used RLinc nor LLinc, but they were not hard to learn. Soon the socks were taking shape before my eyes. My project page

I listened in to a few discussions with the designer about pattern modifications on Ravelry. I decided that I was going to use the modifications for a skinnier leg. (also see designer's blog for mods) Other than that, I worked the pattern as written. It definitely was not too hard for a beginning sock knitter. You just have to be willing to follow the written directions exactly~ even if they do not make sense to you. Once you jump in, you begin to see that this strangely shaped concoction you are knitting will soon morph into a sock.

While I was knitting my pair of Skews, I could see my oldest daughter eyeing them. So I decided to keep the momentum going and knit pair for her. Only hers would be knee socks. Brave? Or insane?

Be brave, be creative~


Check out some more of the Skew sockson Ravelry. It is so fun to look at how much different this sock looks with different yarns!

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