Photography Soaker

I recently was asked to knit a diaper cover to be used for photography purposes. The customer is a photographer and wanted a simple, off-white diaper cover to use for newborn photo shoots.


I decided to try a yarn that I could get locally in order to expedite her order a bit (remember, no yarn shop). I hit Hobby Lobby. I decided to try Baby Bee Hushabye Solid. After all, it's only for photos rather than all-day wear. This yarn is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. It was okay to work with and not too heavy. It will also be machine washable, which is a plus for the customer's needs. Knit Picks is still my preference, but this yarn fit the bill for my time frame. I hope it wears well for her.

I knitted this up using my DaisyHead Delight pattern. I used the newborn size and left out the short rows. I also opted to leave out the gussett since it's for a newborn. Tiny babies tend to stay curled up a bit, especially for photography staging. Instead, I simply took six stitches from the center front and six stitches from the center back and grafted them together.

As soon as the grafting was complete, I picked up 3 stitches along the side of the gusset and started working the legs in a k2p1 ribbing. I knitted about 1 inch of ribbing, and then bound off in pattern.

I love knitting specialty items for people! It keeps the wheels turning and the ideas popping.

Be brave, be creative~


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One thought on “Photography Soaker

  1. Hi, I just found your site when looking for articles on dyeing yarn. You have some great advice, and I will be certain to bookmark your pages for references when I venture into this new interest. My question is this: in your directions for dyeing, you mention your ‘soakers’. This is a new, unknown term for me. would you be kind enough to explain what soakers are to me? i would greatly appreciate it, as I am a (still) curious old woman from the southern United States. Thanks so much!

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