Blush Yarn

Here's another skein of yarn that I dyed a while ago. This one is a lovely pale pink that I like to call "blush."

Again I started with a full skein of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool. This time I used vinegar and just 1 packet of Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid.

After I skeined and tied the yarn, I prepped it in a bowl of hot tap water with a glug of vinegar in it. I let it soak for about 45 minutes. Then I filled my big soup pot with about 2 or 3 quarts of hot water, added a glug of vinegar. I put the pot on the stove but did not turn it on yet.

Then I prepped the dye. I used big 16 ounce mugs to mix the dye in. I put a small glug of vinegar in the mug, and then add the packet of Kool-Aid. As I'm stirring the Kool-Aid powder into the vinegar, I add hot tap water until it's about 1 cup of water. I keep mixing until the powder is completely dissolved.Next I poru the dye into the pot of water on the stove. I give the water a little stir to mix the dye in, and then I picked my yarn up (carefully!) out of the hot water bath and lowered it into the pot. You don't have to put it in in any orderly fashion. Just let it snake around in there. Put a lid on the pot. Now turn the heat on low.

Try not to lift the lid too much, but when you see little bubbles along the edges of the pan as if it's going to begin boiling, turn the heat off. Now leave the pot and don't come back until it's completely cool. I leave mine all night long. When the yarn is cooled, rinse out all the extra dye. I like to then put my wet yarn into a glass baking dish, and put it into the microwave to set the dye. I heat on high for 2 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes. Heat for 2 minutes, and then leave it alone until it's completely cool. Squeeze out the water and hang it to dry.

Here's what I knitted with my blush yarn:

Be brave, be creative~


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