Look what I found! Story Tree Creations!

Not long ago I found out that a friend of mine has an Etsy shop. This didn't surprise me too much because she is an amazing artist. I knew that she makes jewelry, and so I thought her shop would be to sell her jewelry. Nope. It is more original than that!


Her shop is full of her beautiful, original artwork~ on cards! This is one of my favorite sets. It just makes me happy to look at them!

Look at this little bird singing his song! Can't you just hear him? This is my very favorite one, I think! I know it's a card, but I'd frame it and hang it on my wall.

I am so excited to have found her shop and wanted to share her lovely work so you could enjoy it, too. I hope you'll go check out her amazing work. She's at Story Tree Creations.

Which one is your favorite?

Just as a disclaimer, I was not given any compensation for this recommendation, nor was I asked to promote her shop. I just like to spread the love!

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