From Sherbet to Blue…

Unfortunately, I dye and knit with yarn much faster than I blog about either. However, I will try to catch up to myself. I love seeing dye recipes that others come up with, so I really want to share some of mine as well.

I posted not long ago about my Sherbet yarn. I knitted it into a wet bag for a friend. Well, she wanted a gender neutral color, and Sherbet definitely did not fit that bill.

All that pink would not be a daddy's dream for a little boy, now would it?

So I decided to overdye it. After much pondering, I chose to use a blue dye. I figured it would make the pink into purple, the yellow into green, and the very light pink and butter cream would turn blue. At least that was my hope. The whole undertaking was a bit scary.


I opted for blue food coloring gel. I soaked the bag in hot water with a glug of vinegar for 30 minutes or so. I mixed hot tap water, another glug of vinegar, and about 1/4 teaspoon of the blue food coloring in a large sauce pan. I carefully moved the yarn to the pan and poked all the bag down into the dye.

I turned the heat on medium low, covered it, and waited for it to get hot. Just before it started to boil, I turned the hat off and left it. I left for several hours. When the whole thing was cool, I took it out and rinsed it really well. (With water the same temp as the wool, so as not to felt it.)

I layed it out to dry. It looked pretty. Since the yarn always looks different while wet, I was hoping the colors would be pretty once it was dry. The next day, this is what I saw:

Yay! It was really close to how I had imagined it! Only better.

I was surprised to see little bits of yellow and pink still speckling parts of the bag. Can you see them in there?

I ended up loving it! I have thought of trying to replicate this overdyeing experience. Maybe I will yet!

Be brave, be creative~


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