Bubblegum Yarn

This yarn was dyed in July, but life was crazy in July. Sooo~ I just knitted this one up several days ago.

It was hard to capture the colors in this one. It really does have a variety of shades in this one. It goes from dark pink to pale, almost-white pink. My little girls really like this one.

Here's what I did:
About 460 yards of worsted weight wool. I use Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.
Big bowl of hot tap water with a glug of vinegar.
Pushed the skeined yarn gently under a few times.
Made the dye:
Small glug of vinegar (maybe 1/4 cup), 8 packets of Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid, about 1 1/2 cups hot water. Stir until well mixed.
Filled big soup pot with about  6 cups of hot tap water.
Added dye to water and stirred.
Carefully lowered yarn into the pot & into the dye water.
Turned on the heat under pot to about medium.
When it looks like water is almost ready to boil, cover and turn off heat.
Now leave.
Come back when the whole thing is cool. I leave it all night.
Rinse in water the same temp as the yarn.
When all excess dye is rinsed out, I put the wet yarn into a small glass baking dish with some hot tap water and a glug of vinegar. Cover with plastic wrap.
Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat.
Leave it again.
Come back when it is completely cool.
Squeeze out the water and hang it up to dry.
Come back when it's dry.
Oooo and Ahhh…
Looks like bubblegum. Yum.

I'll come back and add a pic of a finished item with this yarn when it's dry…

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