Chain Stitch Drawstring, Or How to make a crochet chain

This is part of a series of drawstring tutorials. These tutorials are from the Appendixes of my soaker patterns. My hope is that these tutorials will help you learn a few new skills and help you have some fun making a variety of drawstrings. 
Crochet chain stitch is a very useful skill to learn. A long chain stitch makes a wonderful (and quick) drawstring for wool soakers. Chain stitch is a wonderful way to work a provisional cast-on in knitting. There are so many other uses for learning the chain stitch. I thought that I would take a minute to show you how to work this simple stitch. 
Here's how I work a crochet chain for a drawstring:
Even if you don’t crochet, the chain stitch is relatively simple to do. When working with worsted weight wool, I usually use a size G(4mm), H(5mm), or I(5.5mm) hook. It really depends on how tight you want the chain. The bigger the hook, the looser and softer the drawstring will feel. You can also make the chain by using 2 strands of yarn held together (and a size I). This makes your drawstring thicker and more cushy.
You will start with a slip knot. There are lots of ways to make a slip knot. I will show you how I do it. Any way that you want to make a slip knot is just fine.
1)Make a loop around your first 2 fingers with the end on the right, finger tips pointing upward.
2)Now turn your hand to point your finger tips downward.
3)Hold the intersection of all the strands of yarn, and remove your fingers.
4)Put the loop on the left (in back) through the loop on the right (in front).
5)Pull the loop all the way through. Make sure to hold onto the end of the yarn and the yarn tail as you pull.
6)Keep pulling the loop until the knot is snug (not as tight as you can get it).
7)Put the crochet hook into the loop. Now you can pull on the working yarn to snug the loop around the hook– not too tight.
8)Go under the working yarn, grab the yarn with the hook (yarn over), and turn the hook toward you so that it’s pointing downward.
9)Now pull the hook through the loop on the needle.
10)You just made a chain stitch! Now keep grabbing the yarn and pulling it through until you have the length or number of chain stitches that you need.
11)This is how your chain will look. It goes really fast!
This is a chain stitch drawstring made with 2 strands of yarn. I normally use a size I hook when I make this type of drawstring.
12)When you reach the desired length, cut the yarn and pull the end through the last loop. Pull tight. (Fasten off.)
I like to put a knot on each end to finish it off. It also helps to keep the drawstring from slipping through the waistband.
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