The Most Fun Gift to Give!


A few weeks ago I had the most fun gift giving experience! It was the most fun I've had giving a gift in a really long time.

Not long before Christmas, Travis, one of the guys in our church's internship program came over with a bag of clothing. He thought that one of my children may be able to use some clothing that he was clearing out of his closet. While he was here, he mentioned that his mom had recently learned to knit. (Of course, I told him to pass on info about Ravelry!) During the course of this conversation, he mentioned that he would love to have a stocking cap. I, of course, made a mental note.

After the holidays, I set to work to find a way to get his head measurement without him knowing. Hubby kept forgetting to put the plan into motion. When he finally remembered, one of the girls in the internship measured. She cut a string the size of his head circumference and sent it home with Hubby. Travis was confused. Ha! Success!

But the string measured 26 inches! There is no way his head is that big. We had to re-measure. Bummer. He now suspected. Oh, well. I played around with decreases and finally knit a long, striped stocking cap that I was happy with.

When the gift bag was handed over, it was met with only a hint of surprise. He asked if I had knit him a hat, and then revealed that my 3yo daughter had walked in moments earlier and said, "My momma made you a hat!" Oh, well. It didn't matter because Travis had no idea it was a stocking cap. He unfolded it, and his face burst into a huge smile. Then a laugh. I should have thought to take a picture or video the moment. We all burst into laughter at his pleasure over this stocking cap!


Doesn't he look happy?!

This was such a fun knit! I especially love the tassel on the end. But it was even more fun to give this knit! He was so in love with his stocking cap! It truly did make all the hours of stockinette and stripes worth it.

Isn't it fun to gift a handknit when the recipient really appreciates it? What was your most fun gift to give?

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