Baby Shower Hats

I was invited to a friend's baby shower not long ago. She was expecting her first baby, so they were really starting from scratch as far as baby supplies. I decided she needed some baby hats. I had such fun making tiny baby hats!

First came an infant sized Simon Says toque. Everyone needs an all-purpose hat that will keep the tiniest baby's head warm. I thought the green would be perfect for their little boy.

Next came a little top knot hat in a 0-3 month size. Who doesn't love a neutral top knot?! So cute and tiny!

And the favorite hat of all~ a newborn sized chullo hat! You see, the baby's daddy is from Peru. I figured a little Peruvian American baby just had to have a chullo hat with tassels. They had registered for a sweet outfit that was green and white stripes with a frog on the front. I thought the colors would be perfect for a chullo hat.  Plus, I knew they liked the colors!

I will never forget the expectant mom's squeal when she took this little hat out of the gift bag! Sweet music to a knitter's ears~ a happy reception to one of your creations.

They even had his hospital pictures taken in his little chullo hat! What an honor!

Be brave, be creative~


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