When Momma Is Sick

Earlier in the week I felt really awful. Just a touch of a stomach bug. I felt just awful enough that I felt like doing nothing, but I felt awful doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever had one of those days?

I decided I needed to knit something pretty~ but mindless. I looked in my Ravelry queue. Citron! Perfect! A lovely shawl with no lace. And I had the perfect yarn! I set to work.

I bought several hanks of Knit Picks Shadow Kettle dyed in the Clementine colorway when it was clearanced out. I thought I might design a shawl with some lace stitch designs reminiscent of henna patterns. That will be for another yarn. This one needs to be Citron right now. I balled up the hank of laceweight yarn. Four hundred and forty yards of tiny laceweight yarn takes a long time to wind up on my nostepinne! But it cheered me up just winding the yarn.

I knitted all evening in my happy, yet sick state. I still felt yucky the next day, so I spent most of the day knitting.

But it so cheered me up! Isn't it lovely?!

What did the children do while Momma was sitting around sick and knitting, you ask?

The younger ones played restaurant. Look at the foods on the menu. A waffle in a hot dog bun. I see a career as a gourmet chef in the future.

What happens at your house when Momma is sick?


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