There Has to Be a Better Way

Blocking. I love the results it gives, but the thought of blocking an item makes me groan. Not all items, I guess. Just the larger items, like shawls or scarves.

The blocking will be worth it.

The awkwardness of blocking a really long or really odd-shaped item is exacerbated by the small space that I live in with six other people. Maybe I just need a better system for blocking. Or a bigger house.

I just know a child is gonna step on this bad boy.

There is just not a good place to let a large item dry where it will not be in danger of getting stepped on by a child or lain on by the doggie. I won't even mention the possibility of mutilation by a preschooler.

A bigger space is wanted, but in the meantime, I think I need a better system. Surely someone else can help me out. How do I solve my blocking dilemma? How~ and where~ do you block your finished projects?


Frustrated, aka Connie

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One thought on “There Has to Be a Better Way

  1. I have that problem, too. I lay a towel on the carpet behind my couch and block larger items there. So far, no one has noticed. 🙂 But I have teens and cats, so it's a little easier for me.

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