Peaceful. Simple. Beautiful.

Last week I was honored to do some bridal henna. I've done menhdi before, but never for a wedding. It was so much fun!

The bride and her groom are both very creative people. Rachael is a wonderful artist. She may not say so herself, but everyone around her knows better. It seems that every time I see her, both hands are covered with drawings. The inspirations strikes, and her ink pen takes flight across her hands.

When I heard she was getting married, I knew that menhdi would be perfect for Rachael! I immediately offered my amateur henna skills. I was so excited that she took me up on the offer.

We began applying henna and getting to know one another late in the evening. We worked and laughed until well past midnight. It was sweet getting to know this young bride a little better and to contribute to her wedding in such a memorable way. I'm so happy that she trusted me with her hands for her wedding day.

They had a lovely wedding ceremony at the edge of the river near sunset.  It was peaceful and simple. They were barefoot by the river. And her wedding dress was to-die-for beautiful!

Her joyful hug the day of her wedding was all the thanks I needed.
Isn't she beautiful?
Be brave, be creative~


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