Of Cardis and Owls

A few months ago, my littlest daughter, Teeny, informed me that she had grown out of her "Skittles Hat" and needed a new one. Her Skittles hat is the original Baby Gretel hat. It was knitted with the yarn that my oldest son dubbed "Skittles" because it looked like a bunch of Skittles candies.

Teeny loved that hat! So I felt I must dye more Skittles yarn to knit her a larger version of her beloved hat. Before long, she decided that she would also need a cardigan from the same yarn~ to match the hat.

She got her hat at Christmas. She was sooo happy! Since the New Year, I have started working on her Skittles cardi. She is thrilled watching her cardigan take shape! It's a simple top-down raglan cardigan. Last night, I started the ruffle that will adorn the hemline of her little cardigan. I can't wait to see her face when she realizes that it will have a ruffle!

I also have a crochet project in the works. In fact, it should be finished today! I am making an owl hat for my friend, Matt. He is a youth pastor. The high school in his city has an owl mascot. A purple owl with white eyes and white horns/ tufts. I am working up the eyes, beak, and tufts now.

I hope he enjoys wearing his hat to the high school games! I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished!

I'll give you more details about each of these projects when they're completed. {I know. The suspense is going to kill you.}

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