Mango Sunshine

I love this bright, cheerful yarn! It came out with subtle variations in tone~ sunshine yellows and hints of gold. Love!


This one is a kettle dyed. (See How to Dye Wool for further explanation on typical dye process.)

I used about 204 yards of Lion Fisherman's Wool, presoaked and tied.


80 drops yellow food coloring

1/2 teaspoon Orange Kool-Aid mix

A tiny splash of vinegar and enough hot water to make about 1 cup of liquid.



I added the dye right into my large saucepan.

Next I put the yarn quickly into the dye pot and poked it down with a chopstick.

I turned the heat onto medium heat. I kept a close watch, and when tiny bubbles started to form I turned the heat off and covered the pan.


I left the yarn covered until it was completely cooled. After a good rinse and dry, I could see the true bright colors and promptly fell in love.


Be brave, be creative~



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