Mountain was another attempt at a brown and green colorway. I love the variations in green that emerged!



This one is about 4 ounces of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, presoaked and tied. (Remember, details on the typical dye method can be found here.)

This one was dyed in my trusty crock pot.



Green: 1 package Lemonade Kool-Aid mix

1/8 teaspoon Mixed Berry Kool-Aid (I think it was fornmerly Berry Blue)

Mixed with a tiny glug of vinegar and enough hot water to equal 1 cup of liquid



1/4 teaspoon- bulging a bit- Brown Wilton's icing colors

Mixed with a tiny glug of vinegar and enough hot water to equal 3/4 cup of liquid



I piled the yarn into the crockpot with enough water to barely reach the the top of the yarn. I poured the green dye first~ all in a line right down the center of the crock pot. The brown dye was divided between the two sides, but I poured the dye all in one spot. So I ended up with a green line in the center with one big brown dot on either side. (Sorry. I forgot to take a picture.)


I heated it on low heat for around 4 hours, then turned the crock pot off and left it until it was completely cooled.



Be brave, be creative~


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