Mermaid Shells

At one time, I didn't wear scarves. Sure, I wore a winter scarf with my coat, but not a fashionable, wear-with-an-outfit sort of scarf.

About a year ago, I crocheted myself a scarf and fell in love with it. It's blue, green, and orange. It's about 90 inches of merino/silk heaven!


I get compliments on this scarf whenever I wear it, so I decided to make some to put in the shop.


teal tease colorway


The pattern I started out with is called Mermaid Scarf. (A free pattern that is part of an Interweave ebook of scarf patterns.) The first layer of the scarf is worked in shells that are attached together as you crochet. The last layer is worked perpendicular to the rest of the scarf so that you have a 3-D sort of scarf. That third layer kind of stands up out of the scarf. It wasn't really speaking to me, so the layer got pulled out. I started tweaking.


I decided to leave the base layer of shells as they were because they are really quite lovely. But it still needed something.

I decided to go with simplicity. I worked one round of a simple lace border. I used the same lace that is used for the top edge of each shell- a simple ch 5, sc in next ch-space. Between shells I worked a ch 1 rather than a ch 5. I worked my way all the way around the outside edge of the scarf. I loved the results!

 I decided to call it Mermaid Shells.


chili colorway


I made my scarf much longer than the pattern suggested. I worked 57 shells altogether, which ended up measuring about 89 to 90 inches long. The scarf is about 3.5 inches wide.

The yarn makes the scarf simply sing with softness!

I used Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight. It's a fingering weight yarn and is 50% Merino wool, 25% Bamboo, 25% Nylon. I adore this yarn!


Left- teal tease colorway; right- chili colorway


If you don't crochet, but would like a Mermaid Shells scarf of your own, you can find some in the DaisyHead Creations shop very soon. I have several different colorways available.

Or you can simply contact me, and we will work out details for a scarf just for you.



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