Twelve Days of Christmas Knits {in progress}

At our house, Christmas is not over with the dawning of December 26th. I love Christmas and think it deserves more than one day of celebration! So we have developed some of our own traditions for celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.

We continue Christmas crafting and baking until Epiphany, or King's Day, which is January 6th. The Christmas music continues playing. The Christmas movies keep rolling. Some years we have given small gifts on each day from December 26 through January 6. This year, instead of gift giving on each day, I am giving each child a special handmade gift on the last of the Twelve Days.

That is, if I can get them all completed…

Secret knitting and crocheting can be very difficult in a small house with teens who never go to bed!



Teeny's (5yo) gift was easy to squeeze in. She absolutely loves owls, so I made her this sweet little amigurumi owl in her favorite colors. The pink is Wool Ease in Blush, the yellow is I Love This Cotton, and the buttons are a red/orange/pink color depending on how the light hits them.  I used the Owls Two Ways pattern by Ana Clerc. It's a free pattern that I ran across and knew that I just had to crochet one for Teeny. (There is also a knit version.) It was just too cute!



Colleen's (17yo) gift will also be fast and simple~ but I haven't started it yet. {I know.} I plan to make her a pair of small Pansy earrings in the Ocean colorway~ just like the ones above. However, I am going to make hers shorter since she doesn't really like dangly earrings too much. I will just put one small bead on the ring that attaches the crochet flower to the french hook. {love}



A couple of years ago I began some basic ribbed knee socks for Zarah (10yo). I have been knitting them two at a time, magic loop on one long circular needle. It was driving me crazy! It's just too slow~ all the adjusting the socks on the needle so that you can continue knitting just slows me down too much. I don't mind repetitive, boring knitting at all as long as I can knit quickly. So… her poor knee socks have been lonely in a ziplock stuck away in a bag. I recently discovered a different technique for knitting socks two at a time that I am very excited to try! I am determined to finish these socks! I'll give you a full report on the new technique once I've tried it out…

She will be thrilled to recieve these! She has been begging for handknit knee socks for a couple of years now. I can't wait to see the look on her face. Now to just get the girl to go to bed earlier so that I can knit in secret!





Sean's (15yo) gift is coming along nicely. He is getting Koolhaas, knitted up in Paton's Classic Wool in the New Denim colorway. I love how it's coming out! Yes, it's a lot of cables, but it's going pretty quickly. And I love all the twisted knit stiches that are incorporated in the pattern. {swoon} This one will definitely be finished in time!





I have only just started Judah's (19yo) gift. I am planning a hat for him with subtle diamonds throughout. I think I will work the diamond pattern using purl stiches.

Yes, that is only a few rows of ribbing. Yes, it is sock yarn. Yes, I may be biting off more than I can chew.

I think I may need to find a reason to send them all to bed early… Or maybe I need to spend a day or two knitting at Panera. Hmm… that's an idea…




So what do you think?

Will I be able to finish all these knits in time for January 6th, or am I just completely nuts?

Do I need to come up with a Plan B?



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