Why I Disappeared & News of New Patterns Coming

Yes, I disappeared about a year ago.

No, I was not being held hostage in a shack.

I merely lost my balance during a very difficult year.

Has this ever happened to you?


Why I Disappeared- News of New Patterns


In February of 2013, we sensed a bomb may be about to drop on our lives. In April, that bomb did, in fact, drop. The business and ministry training program that my husband had been running at our church was to be discontinued, which also meant that he would no longer be an assistant pastor at the church. So we were thrown into life upheaval. Stress, anyone?

The year just continued to roll, and I kept floundering. By the end of the year, I realized that I was hardly ever crafting. No knitting. No crocheting. No dreaming of new patterns. I was at a very unbalanced place.

I was feeling dry, burnt out, and in desperate need of some creative outlet.

Have you ever had one of those kinds of seasons?


Since the beginning of the year, I have spent lots of time reassessing. Looking at my mothering blog, at a new blog I started to encourage other bloggers and writers, and looking at DaisyHead Creations (both the pattern writing and the handmade part of the Etsy shop). I simply couldn't manage all of these business ventures. Something had to give.

I am happy to say that I made the hard decision to cut back on the bloggers blog and invest my time in the daisyhead and DaisyHead Creations. I immediately felt a weight lift! It's like coming back home to my true love!

I have picked up my patterns that were in process and started the finishing steps. I'm having so much fun! A few of these new designs will be rolling out to you very soon!


In fact, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting Pattern Launch Sales coming within the week!!


knitting crochet patterns


Yep. You heard right. New patterns! And by soon, I mean within the next week, so be sure you sign up for the DHC Shop & Sales list or to get blog posts by email. You do NOT want to miss the Flash Sales on Launch Day! {Woot!}


Unfortunately, one of the things that I decided I would have to cut is the handmade portion of my shop. I love creating special items for others to enjoy, but I simply don't have the time in my day. Homeschooling my children must come first, and I can't leave customers waiting. Plus, this will give me more time to create new patterns for you all. {grin}


That means that I am having a Handmade Closeout over in the Esty shop!


handmade soakers, hats, cowls, jewelry


I have marked all handmade items in the DHC Etsy Shop down to their rock bottom prices. {Good news for you, right?!} Once they are gone, they're gone. I'll still have patterns listed there, with many more coming soon, but if you'd like one of my handmade items- upcycled coffee bag hats, soakers, longies, hats, cowls- be sure to grab them now, before they're gone!


I am so excited about the coming weeks for DaisyHead Creations! And I'd love it if you'd join me!

Share photos of your DHC pattern projects on the DaisyHead Creations Facebook page or email them to me, and I'll share them on Facebook so the whole DaisyHead Creations community can see them. Also be sure to Like the Facebook page, comment, like, or share my statuses there, and then Facebook will be sure to share more of my posts in your Facebook feed. (That's just the funny way that Facebook works.)

I'll also be sharing some more recipes for dyeing wool. And I have a special surprise relating to wool dyeing that will be coming soon!

I'm also working on a couple of very special ebooks that I have had requests for over the last several years, so I decided it was time to plunge in and get them ready for you!

As you can see, there are lots of exciting things coming your way soon! I hope you'll enjoy them and share them with your other yarn loving friends!


As always~ 

Be brave! Be creative!


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3 thoughts on “Why I Disappeared & News of New Patterns Coming

  1. I recently saw your cotton beret pattern and wanted to crochet it for myself in worsted weight yarn and was wondering if you have any feedback regarding this. Would I need to use the same size hook? Any adjustments in the pattern?

    I read you post and wish you happy crocheting whatever life brings your way! Thanks for the patterns you have given all of use so far and I will be looking forward to reading good news in your life soon.

    1. Mrs. Vee~ I’m so sorry that I’m late in responding. I had 2 surgeries in 2014, including one for cancer, so I really wasn’t available much last year. To your question- If you are referring to Pretty as a PackageΒ hat, that pattern was written for worsted weight yarn (I chose cotton, but a wool or wool blend or cotton blend would also work fine.), so you should be good to go. Did you end up making one?

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