Holiday Giveaway #6- Driver’s Cap Made from Upcycled Coffee Bag

I saved the best for last! Back in 2010 – 2011, I made driver's caps from coffee bags that I upcycled from a roasting business that was part of our church. Each hat takes about a total of 6 to 10 hours to make, with close to 4 hours of sewing! I used to charge $110 […]

Holiday Giveaway #5- Ultimate Daisy Pin

I can't get enough of this next giveaway item! I'm really excited to send this off to someone and adorn them with a giant daisy! The world can't get enough daisies, can it?   Holiday Celebration Giveaway #5!     Chocolate + Pink Ultimate Daisy Pin!   It’s no secret that I love daisies. I […]

Holiday Celebration Giveaway #4- Cherry Red Button Cowl

I'm thrilled to bring you the next giveaway! This is great fun! Holiday Celebration Giveaway #4!     Cherry Red Button Cowl!   Cherry red for a bright bit of warmth and cheer on a cold day! This soft, warm cowl will brighten any day. And it's so snuggly! I love the soft fuzzy fleece-like […]

Holiday Celebration Giveaway #3- Newborn Soaker Sack

I'm excited to share this adorable wool soaker sack with a brand new momma!   As you can probably tell from looking around the blog, I love wool soakers. {Yep, it's true! And kind of addicting!}   If you don't cloth diaper, don't leave just yet. Wool sleep sacks are also great to use at […]

Holiday Celebration Giveaway #2- Crochet Earrings

A few years ago, I decided to try combining 3 of my favorite things– crochet, beads, and jewelry.   I totally loved the results! My fave earrings are now ones that I've crocheted.   Dangly, beaded, crocheted earrings. *swoon*   So I wanted to share some with you!   Holiday Celebration Giveaway #2!     […]

Holiday Celebration Giveaway #1- Gingerbread Man Hat

I taught myself how to crochet at just 8 years old. That was the beginning of my yarn and creating addiction.   I didn’t know how to read patterns, so I just made up my own. Little did I know that I would turn that love of pattern creation into a business.   In 2008, […]

Holiday Sale + My Fave Deals

I hate the hype and "Buy, buy, buy" that Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season bring, so I wasn't going to run a sale, nor write a deals post. I don't want to contribute to all that I dislike about the commercialism that has seeped into Christmas.   But then I decided that I […]

Chronic Illness, Healing, and Creating

After I got sick in early 2014, I really couldn't wield my hook or needles. Major surgery and being very close to death does that to a girl, I guess.   But as summer approached and several weeks of recovery had passed, I began to feel the urge to make something. It wasn't hard to […]

Rock Bottom Prices on All Handmade Items! (& Sale on Patterns too!)

It's been a while. I'm so sorry about that. If you haven't heard yet, 2014 has been a rough year at my house. From surgery to remove a dangerous adrenal tumor to finding out that I have a rare disease that had already caused a rare type of thyroid cancer and another surgery to remove […]

Why I Disappeared & News of New Patterns Coming

Yes, I disappeared about a year ago.   No, I was not being held hostage in a shack.   I merely lost my balance during a very difficult year.   Has this ever happened to you?     In February of 2013, we sensed a bomb may be about to drop on our lives. In […]