Twelve Days of Christmas Knits {in progress}

At our house, Christmas is not over with the dawning of December 26th. I love Christmas and think it deserves more than one day of celebration! So we have developed some of our own traditions for celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.   We continue Christmas crafting and baking until Epiphany, or King's Day, which […]

A Show of Hats

Yesterday I broke the news that I am going to be one of the sponsors at the next Mommy Time Facebook Party. If you have never been to a Mommy Time Facebook Party, you are in for a treat!   Here's the scoop, from Tabitha herself:   In May 2012, Tabitha Philen of Meet Penny decided to […]

Of Cardis and Owls

A few months ago, my littlest daughter, Teeny, informed me that she had grown out of her "Skittles Hat" and needed a new one. Her Skittles hat is the original Baby Gretel hat. It was knitted with the yarn that my oldest son dubbed "Skittles" because it looked like a bunch of Skittles candies. Teeny […]

Baby Gretel

Baby Gretel is one of my most requested patterns from The DaisyHead Creations welcome series. I have found that people don't like waiting for this pattern. So~ I have decided to make it available for immediate download. You can get it for free, 14 days after signing up for the newsletter~ or you can buy […]

Baby Bag

I often have people ask me how I knit my soaker sacks– like a wool soaker, but like a gown so you can just pull it up and change the diaper then pull back down. If you use wool soakers but have never used a soaker sack, you should give it a go. They are […]

When Momma Is Sick

Earlier in the week I felt really awful. Just a touch of a stomach bug. I felt just awful enough that I felt like doing nothing, but I felt awful doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever had one of those days? I decided I needed to knit something pretty~ but mindless. I looked in my […]

Baby Shower Hats

I was invited to a friend's baby shower not long ago. She was expecting her first baby, so they were really starting from scratch as far as baby supplies. I decided she needed some baby hats. I had such fun making tiny baby hats! First came an infant sized Simon Says toque. Everyone needs an […]

Spring Twirl

  Spring Twirl is the perfect accessory for spring! These fingerless mitts are perfect to keep hands warm during the cool days of spring. Just the right amount of warmth without getting too hot!     The lace pattern gently twirls around the hands. It really reminds me of the clematis vines sprouting in the […]

The Most Fun Gift to Give!

  A few weeks ago I had the most fun gift giving experience! It was the most fun I've had giving a gift in a really long time. Not long before Christmas, Travis, one of the guys in our church's internship program came over with a bag of clothing. He thought that one of my […]