Twelve Days of Christmas Knits {in progress}

At our house, Christmas is not over with the dawning of December 26th. I love Christmas and think it deserves more than one day of celebration! So we have developed some of our own traditions for celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.   We continue Christmas crafting and baking until Epiphany, or King's Day, which […]

A Week of Crochet Jewelry

The week before Christmas… I've been crafting, of course!   This week has been all about crocheted jewelry. And I have loved every minute of it!     I crocheted a bunch of mandala motifs, each one a different color. I wanted to use them for shop photos. I wanted to make it easy for […]

Mother- Daughter Belles

I just finished a really fun project a few days ago. It was a Mother- Daughter set of Belle hats. They were so sweet!     A friend of mine wanted a Belle for herself and one for each of her young daughters. I love crocheting custom items for friends, so I jumped at the […]

Mermaid Shells

At one time, I didn't wear scarves. Sure, I wore a winter scarf with my coat, but not a fashionable, wear-with-an-outfit sort of scarf.   About a year ago, I crocheted myself a scarf and fell in love with it. It's blue, green, and orange. It's about 90 inches of merino/silk heaven!   I get […]

Oh, Brown, How You Vex Me…

I have been absent a seriously long time. But you that, didn't you? I had a nice little sickness that started off my blog hiatus. Really it was a bit of asthma irritation. But I was also busy during the past month with many projects, some of which I will fill you in on during […]

Of Cardis and Owls

A few months ago, my littlest daughter, Teeny, informed me that she had grown out of her "Skittles Hat" and needed a new one. Her Skittles hat is the original Baby Gretel hat. It was knitted with the yarn that my oldest son dubbed "Skittles" because it looked like a bunch of Skittles candies. Teeny […]

Peaceful. Simple. Beautiful.

Last week I was honored to do some bridal henna. I've done menhdi before, but never for a wedding. It was so much fun! The bride and her groom are both very creative people. Rachael is a wonderful artist. She may not say so herself, but everyone around her knows better. It seems that every […]

My Latest News!

I am working on some ebooks for you! I very frequently hear people say that they have learned to knit or to crochet, but cannot really make much because they can't read a pattern. I have looked for a good resource to help on several occasions- but to no avail. (I'd love to hear if […]

There Has to Be a Better Way

Blocking. I love the results it gives, but the thought of blocking an item makes me groan. Not all items, I guess. Just the larger items, like shawls or scarves. The blocking will be worth it. The awkwardness of blocking a really long or really odd-shaped item is exacerbated by the small space that I […]

When Momma Is Sick

Earlier in the week I felt really awful. Just a touch of a stomach bug. I felt just awful enough that I felt like doing nothing, but I felt awful doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever had one of those days? I decided I needed to knit something pretty~ but mindless. I looked in my […]