Chronic Illness, Healing, and Creating

After I got sick in early 2014, I really couldn't wield my hook or needles. Major surgery and being very close to death does that to a girl, I guess.   But as summer approached and several weeks of recovery had passed, I began to feel the urge to make something. It wasn't hard to […]

Why I Disappeared & News of New Patterns Coming

Yes, I disappeared about a year ago.   No, I was not being held hostage in a shack.   I merely lost my balance during a very difficult year.   Has this ever happened to you?     In February of 2013, we sensed a bomb may be about to drop on our lives. In […]

Crochet Cables Ear Warmer~ Done! {With These 2 Hands Link-Up #2}

Last month I showed you the new skill  learned~ crochet cables. I used my creative moments this month to finish the project!     This item was crossed off my custom orders list… because I finished it!   I'm really happy with how the Criss Cross headband/ earwarmer turned out!     This one was […]

Learning a New Skill:: Crochet Cables {With These 2 Hands Link-Up #1}

Life has a way of crowding out our moments to create. Fighting for the time to rejuvenate, to engage in creativity is worth the effort.   This year, I feel like it is a constant fight for some moments to spend with sticks and string.     Despite the busyness of life, I have managed […]

Introducing With These 2 Hands {Crafting Link-Up}

Engaging in some sort of creative activity, whether it is knitting, crocheting, or woodworking, is rejuvenating for your mind, body, and soul. We all know it's true, but we don't always realize just how healthy it is for us and how necessary it is to make the time.   I recently wrote on my other […]

Crafting Goals for 2013

With the New Year comes a chance at a new beginning. It feels fresh. I love starting, so I love this fresh chance that the beginning of a new year gives me.   I really don't like making New Year's Resolutions, but I love setting new goals for the year. Goals feel more like things […]

Twelve Days of Christmas Knits {in progress}

At our house, Christmas is not over with the dawning of December 26th. I love Christmas and think it deserves more than one day of celebration! So we have developed some of our own traditions for celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.   We continue Christmas crafting and baking until Epiphany, or King's Day, which […]

A Week of Crochet Jewelry

The week before Christmas… I've been crafting, of course!   This week has been all about crocheted jewelry. And I have loved every minute of it!     I crocheted a bunch of mandala motifs, each one a different color. I wanted to use them for shop photos. I wanted to make it easy for […]

A Show of Crochet Jewelry

In case you missed the news yesterday, DaisyHead Creations will be one of the part of the Mommy Time Facebook Party tonight! Get all the details over at Meet Penny and RSVP to win one of the many wonderful prizes! DaisyHead Creations will be giving away a fun item to make mom feel pampered!   […]

A Show of Hats

Yesterday I broke the news that I am going to be one of the sponsors at the next Mommy Time Facebook Party. If you have never been to a Mommy Time Facebook Party, you are in for a treat!   Here's the scoop, from Tabitha herself:   In May 2012, Tabitha Philen of Meet Penny decided to […]