Measuring for Soakers

The most frequent question that I get from customers in my shop is how to know what size soaker the baby needs. Many people want to know what age range works for each size. The answer is… um… yes. Each baby grows at such a different rate and has different body types that it is almost impossible to say that a size small will fit a baby from x months to x months. Just ask anyone who has gone clothes shopping for baby. The same thing happens with store sizes and between clothing brands. Frustrating.

The solution for figuring out which size soaker will fit your baby is simple. You just need a measuring tape and a sleepy baby who will cooperate for a minute or two. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can normally find them in the craft/sewing section of your local department store. Around my neck of the woods, they cost around $1-$2.50.

First you need to measure baby’s hips. Measure right over the cloth diaper that the baby is most likely to wear under the soaker. Just flatten out the tape measure on a firm surface, and then lay baby’s bottom right on top of it. Adjust the tape measure so that it is straight. You will want to wrap the tape around the largest part of baby’s hips/bottom. Now bring the two ends of the tape measure together~ but not too tight. This measurement will determine how tight the soaker fits. You don’t want skin tight soakers, so just bring the tape gently against baby’s skin and diaper. You can see that this baby’s (toddler’s) hip measurement is 25 inches.

Hip Measurement

Next you’ll measure baby’s rise. The rise is simply how tall the center part of the pants will be. This measurement is dependent upon how high or low you like to fasten baby’s diaper. Regardless of whether you like a low rise diaper or a high rise diaper, you will want the soaker to sit above the diaper. This is crucial to preventing leaks from any wetness at the top of the diaper. I like to give at least a half inch above the diaper in front and in the back.

Rise, in back

I’m measuring a toddler in the picture which makes it very easy for you to see. You can’t always measure this way with a tiny baby. You may have to get creative in positioning. You can lay baby on top of the tape. You can have someone hold baby in a standing position while you measure. You get the idea.

Basically, you put the tape measure in the center back of the diaper with the measurement starting where you want the top of the soaker to rest. Keep the tape there! Now bring the measuring tape straight down baby’s bottom and go between the legs to bring the tape to the front.

Rise, in front

Then bring the measuring tape to the center front of the diaper. Measure to the place where you want to soaker to rest. You can see in the picture that the top of the diaper is at 18.5 inches. I like to  give half an inch in back and front, so for me this rise measurement would be 19 inches.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?