Look what I found! Story Tree Creations!

Not long ago I found out that a friend of mine has an Etsy shop. This didn't surprise me too much because she is an amazing artist. I knew that she makes jewelry, and so I thought her shop would be to sell her jewelry. Nope. It is more original than that!   Her shop […]

Crocheting Up a Spa

I had to have something to do with my hands while Cushy was out for testing, and so I decided to crochet up a spa. My very own spa. Actually, I decided to make some soft, squishy, cotton washcloths to sell on Etsy. They are so luxurious that it feels like you have a spa […]

Wedding Bells

My dad got married a few weeks ago. This is his third time around. I hope he'll be happy. So I just had to make a gift for him and his bride. I decided to make them a tablerunner. I used Scalloped-Edged Lace Wrap from Pretty Knits: 30 Designs from Loop in London. This book […]

Christmas Knitting

There was a flurry of Christmas knitting at my house this year. So much, in fact, that I have not had any time to blog about it until now. If we want to be extremely honest, I am not done with my Christmas knitting yet! I think I bit off more than I could chew. […]

It makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it…

This just cracks me up! A 140 square foot house knitted from top to bottom, fully furnished with only knitted items, and complete with knitted garden! This is too cute! Okay, so it's old news. This happened in 2007, but I had to share anyway. Check out the article about it. It was knitted by […]

My yarn habit justified

Check out this article . If you're a knitter, then you know that knitting can involve using math to alter or design patterns. But~ did you know that knitting can help advance math and science? Totally interesting. And it gives us all a very good rationalization for our yarn habits! We're expanding our understanding of […]

Meshy Market Bag

I wanted a nice stretchy bag to take to the library or to the store, and so I decided to work one up. Maybe you can use one, too. Finished measurements: 17" wide, 13" tall, 22" handle Materials: cotton yarn~ I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream in potpourri US 8 circular knitting needle 16" or […]