Baby Bag

I often have people ask me how I knit my soaker sacks– like a wool soaker, but like a gown so you can just pull it up and change the diaper then pull back down. If you use wool soakers but have never used a soaker sack, you should give it a go. They are […]

New Longies Winner

Unfortunately, I have not heard from our longies winner. I was a very sick girl for almost a week, which gave our original winner a few extra days to contact me. But still, I have not gotten an email back. So~ I am forced to choose a new winner. These longies need a home! I […]

Longies Giveaway Winner!

First I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway! Thank you so much for all the complements on these longies! You all are the greatest! Now to the winner! I used the random number generator, and it gave me the number 69. The 69th entry proudly belongs to… akm! "Oooo! […]


Today I bring you an unbelievable giveaway! Someone has the opportunity to win a pair of longies! I knitted this pair of longies as I was finishing my Cushy pattern. I knitted them for my little girl, but by the time they were finished she had hit a growth spurt. So they were much too […]

Chain Stitch Drawstring, Or How to make a crochet chain

This is part of a series of drawstring tutorials. These tutorials are from the Appendixes of my soaker patterns. My hope is that these tutorials will help you learn a few new skills and help you have some fun making a variety of drawstrings.      Crochet chain stitch is a very useful skill to […]

Cutie Bahootie

To continue the pattern parade, I would like to introduce you to my new soaker pattern. Cutie Bahootie!     For about 2 years now I have had people asking me to write a soaker pattern. These were customers who had knit my longies and bloomers patterns. They loved the fit of my other patterns […]

DaisyHead Bloomers

  When my youngest daughter was born, I fell in love with wool soakers. What a great diaper cover! I had used cloth with all of my other children, but had not known that you could hand knit or crochet wool covers. I gave it a try and loved using wool. I wanted to make […]

DaisyHead Delight

DaisyHead Delight was my first soaker pattern. It was created out of a desire to make soakers for my baby girl, as well as to sell longies and shorties to others. That's why I decided to name this pattern after my girl. Her name means delight. She is my delight. Thus, DaisyHead Delight came into […]

What has the daisyhead been up to?

I have been so busy the last several weeks that my life feels like a blur. I'm sure you had times like that. My children must wonder where their momma has gone. Sigh. My busyness has been fun, though! I have been knitting like a banshee, and clicking away at the computer just as much. […]

Photography Soaker

I recently was asked to knit a diaper cover to be used for photography purposes. The customer is a photographer and wanted a simple, off-white diaper cover to use for newborn photo shoots.   I decided to try a yarn that I could get locally in order to expedite her order a bit (remember, no […]